Norwich based 4 piece band Killer Hurts play original THRASH metal, influenced by the likes of Slayer / Exodus / Anthrax / Testament etc.
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Killer Hurts
c/o Plug Studios
Units 6-8 City Trading Estate
Norfolk. NR4 2UE

Tel: 07946 649859
All 4 members are accomplished musicians.
Not young, not pretty, just kick ass THRASH!
With own gear and transport, the band are available to play at any venue throughout the UK.

Bass player Matt Furze plays pure unadulterated THRASH metal 'til his fingers bleed ! - still drawing influences from '84-'90 thrash but trying to give his style a more modern flavour.
Aarran Jacky Tucker is THRASH through and through, having influences such as Destruction, Death, Sodom, Exodus, Saxon and Carcass.
Drummer Jason Thompson taught himself to play at 9 years old after watching a drummer on a visit to school. He has since played in numerous line ups, and is never far away from his double bass pedal!
Vocalist / Guitarist Errol Watson is influenced by NWBHM & Bay Area Thrash, and has appeared on Radio One and TV in various lineups. He has supported the likes of Wolfsbane, Girlschool, Xentrix, Helloween and Paul Di'Annos KIllers
Matt Aarran Jay Errol